Dodge Neon 2001 posters

Dodge Neon RT

The second-generation Dodge Neon was produced from the 2000 to 2005 model years. It was available only in a 4-door sedan format and featured a 2.0 L SOHC engine with an optional Magnum setup delivering 150hp. Automotive experts noted more than 1,000 refinements to the second-generation Neon, including a full-framed door replacing the first generation's frameless windows, and several NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) improvements to make the interior quieter and more comfortable. These refinements, however, came with a price as they added more weight and the discontinuation of the DOHC engine made the car less competitive on the track.

In 2001, the R/T trim returned. It included the 150 horsepower SOHC Magnum 2.0 Liter Engine, 16 inch wheels, spoiler, dual chrome exhaust tips, quicker steering box and stiffer springs. The 2001 R/T featured an one-year-only aircraft-style spoiler, replaced in 2002 with a rounded version similar to that seen on the SRT4. The Neon also offered a Sport package in 2001, which retains the same R/T visuals, except for dual exhaust, R/T lower mouldings, fog lamps and R/T exclusive front bumper; it came equipped with the 132 horsepower base model engine and was available with an automatic transmission.

In Canada, the Dodge and Plymouth Neon models were briefly sold as Chryslers from 2000 to 2002 before being replaced by the SX2.0. In Europe, Australia and Asia the car was marketed solely as a Chrysler, as the Dodge and Plymouth marques are not available in those regions. A Tritec 1.6 L engine, initially used in the BMW MINI, was also available in the Neon. It came with a five-speed manual transmission and could be upgraded with the ACR gear ratios for better acceleration at the cost of gas mileage and more noise on the highway, until the original ratios were restored for better fuel economy.

The Neon's name was changed to the SX 2.0 in Canada in 2003. It was brought back a year later. In Australia, the Chrysler Neon was discontinued in 2002 due to its expensive price and decreasing sales. In 2002, the car's front clip was modified to match the R/T and ACR styling, and it was facelifted once again in 2003 with larger "crosseyed" headlights and a crosshair grille which, for the ACR model, marked the car's second and last facelift.

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