Dodge Neon RT 1998 posters

Dodge Neon RT

The Dodge Neon was first revealed in January 1994 and produced up until 1999, although during this time frame, it had a variety of models. It was available as a 4-door sedan or a 2-door coupe, with either a 132 hp or 150 hp 2.0 L SOHC or DOHC engine, and with a 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, depending on where it was being sold. The Neon was often overlooked when considering its performance compared to other cars that were part of that same era. The Civic DX had 102 hp, the Civic EX had 125 hp, the Sentra and Sunbird had 110 hp, the Escort had 127 hp, and the Corolla had 115 hp. However, the Neon's torque output was higher than that of its competitors. Robert Lutz, the chairman of the Chrysler Corporation said about it, "There's an old saying in Detroit: 'Good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.' We refuse to accept that." This was proven true with the Neon, as it made a sizable profit, being the only recent American car in its class to do so. In terms of racing, the Neon was highly competitive in the SCCA Solo autocross, equipped with the ACR package. The package included four-wheel disc brakes, Arvin or Koni adjustable dampers, thicker anti-roll bars, fast-ratio steering, and heavy-duty front wheel hubs, as well as a 5-speed manual transmission with a higher fifth gear and final drive ratio for quick acceleration. The ACR was very understated, with no badges present to distinguish it from the regular Neon model, besides the bumper with fog light holes, but no fog lights. Initially, the ACR was only offered to the SCCA members. From 1995 onward, it was available to the general public. The ACR's name was derived from the internal ordering code at Dodge, the "Competition Package". Over time, the ACR came to be seen as an abbreviation for American Club Racer.

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