Dodge Ram 1996 posters

Dodge Ram Wagon

The Dodge Ram Wagon was a full-size van manufactured and marketed by DaimlerChrysler under the Dodge brand. It was derived from a commercial van design and was available in short, extended, and Maxi lengths with two wheelbase sizes (109 and 127 inches). Its exterior look was significantly revamped in 1994, the first significant update since 1971. During the intervening years, the grille, headlight shape, and taillamps changed somewhat. Furthermore, the interior saw some updates, such as functional drink holders in the dashboard. From 1994 up to its discontinuation in 2003, Dodge Ram Wagons also had the option of Travel Seating, which included a dinette and bed. In 1998, the engine was moved forward 4 inches, giving passengers more interior room and's producing a slightly "pushed out" look to the front end. Additionally, in 1995, Dodge changed the series from 150, 250 and 350 to 1500, 2500, and 3500. Some other aesthetic and functional changes that occurred were the removal of rear armrests in 1995 or 1996, non-functional vent windows from 1997, and an upgraded dash in 1997. Apart from ride and power, the 2003 Ram Wagon model was quite similar to the 1973 Sportsman Royal. The Ram Van and Ram Wagon names replaced the Tradesman and Sportsman names that had been used for Dodge's commercial and passenger vans respectively. The Dodge Ram Wagon was available in three styles: 1500 (109" regular and 127" extended wheelbase), 2500 (109" regular and 127" extended wheelbase), and 3500 (127" extended wheelbase and long-body Maxiwagon). It was eventually discontinued by DaimlerChrysler in 2003, when the company opted to replace it with the Dodge Sprinter.

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