Dodge Ram 3500 1996 posters

Dodge Ram 3500

Development for the second generation of the Ram line began in 1986 and ended in late 1992. The idea was to make the design more conventional, and when Bob Lutz showed the planned 1991 production to the lead designer, Phillip E. Payne, Payne commented that it too closely resembled what other truck designs already looked like. At that, Lutz challenged Payne to give him something better, which ultimately resulted in the redesigned 1994 Ram. This new model was a tremendous success - sales skyrocketed from 78,000 in 1993 to almost 480,000 in 1996. That year, the newly designed Ram was featured in the movie Twister, and sales peaked at nearly 400,000 in 1999. However, the redesigned Ford and GM trucks brought competition and brought sales figures to below those of Ford and Chevy truck models by 2001. Engine options for the redesigned 1994 Ram included the 3.9L V6, 5.2L V8, 5.9L V8, and 5.9L I6 Cummins turbo diesel. Additionally, the 488 cubic inch 8.0L V10 was designed as an alternative for people looking for maximum hauling power over a diesel. The V10 and Cummins turbo diesel were only available for the 2500 and higher designation models while the 1500 could include both 6.5- and 8-foot (2 and 2.4 m, respectively) boxes. 2500 models had 6.5-foot (2.0 m) boxes and came with either club or quad cabs, while 3500 Rams with crew cabs had long boxes. These models, however, are quite rare as only a small number of them were created for Canada.

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