Dodge Ram Wagon 1996 posters

Dodge Ram Wagon

The Dodge Ram Wagon was a full-size van that was marketed by DaimlerChrysler. It had three different styles: 1500 (109" regular and 127" extended wheelbase), 2500 (109" regular and 127" extended wheelbase), and 3500 (127" extended wheelbase and long-body Maxiwagon). This popular passenger van originated from a commercial van design and was available in short, extended, and Maxi lengths. Throughout the years, the exterior design, the headlight shape, grille and taillamps, and the dash were changed and updated to provide the best experience to drivers, including functional drink holders, vent windows, dinette, and bed abilities. In 1995 or 1996, the rear armrests were deleted and in 1998, the engine was moved forward 4 inches, giving more room inside the van and creating a slightly "pushed out" look at the front. Also, Dodge changed the series to 1500, 2500, and 3500; in prior years they had been 150, 250 and 350. Ride and power aside, the biggest difference between a 2003 Ram Wagon and a 1973 Sportsman Royal is the different names used for Dodge's commercial and passenger vans, which were Tradesman and Sportsman, respectively. DaimlerChrysler discontinued production of the Dodge Ram Wagon after the 2003 model year, replacing it with the Dodge Sprinter.

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