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Dodge Rampage Concept 2006 posters

Dodge Rampage Concept

The new Dodge Rampage concept vehicle is an innovative take on the traditional pickup truck, combining bold power and extraordinary versatility. Meant to appeal to a non-traditional buyer, the Rampage is designed to provide the capacity of a pickup without sacrificing occupant space. This is achieved by utilizing unitized body construction, front-wheel drive, and an independent rear wheel suspension, along with a combination of the width of a Dodge Ram and the length of a Dodge Dakota. Not only is the Rampage highly customizable to your needs, but its exterior is also strikingly bold. The majority of the vehicle is dedicated to passengers and cargo, with a 5-foot cargo box following behind a spacious passenger cabin section. To emphasize this effect, a slim appliqué of brushed aluminum runs along the cowl, up over the roof rails and around the cargo box, creating a contrast between the Liquid Carbon exterior. Even the engine compartment is impressive, still featuring a 5.7-liter MDS HEMI® tucked beneath the hood. The new Dodge Rampage concept vehicle is truly an exceptional look at what a modern pickup truck can do.

Turn your room or office into a tribute to the 2006 Dodge Rampage Concept! Get your favorite image printed up on a poster, mouse pad, t-shirt, or calendar. With its sharp looking exterior and powerful V6 engine, the Dodge Rampage Concept makes a statement and will add some classic style to any home. Get your own piece of history today!