Dodge Stratus Sedan 2003 posters

Dodge Stratus Sedan

The Dodge Stratus sedan was introduced in 2001 as the last of the Cloud Cars. It featured a revised version of the Chrysler JA platform, JR, and was the replacement for the Dodge Breeze. However, Dodge's new coupe was based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse platform and named Stratus too. Although the two vehicles shared the same name, they had minimal exterior styling similarities. The Canadian market saw the Stratus dropped in favour of the Chrysler version of the coupe, the Sebring. Sales of the sedan, however, began to decline due to worsening ratings from consumer and auto magazines, as well as the shift in the sedan market which favoured the larger Intrepid and later Charger. The Dodge Stratus coupe was dropped from the lineup after 2005 and the sedan was eventually discontinued in May 2006. In Mexico, the Stratus R/T was available as a turbocharged model. The turbocharged 2.4 L engine was improved during 2001, increasing the power to 215 hp. Later in at the U.S. this improved engine was used in the Dodge SRT-4. From March 2004, the engine generated 225 hp and 235 ft·lbf (319 N·m) of torque. These models were easily identified by a "High Output" rear badge.

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