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Donkervoort Automobielen BV is a Dutch automobile maker, which specializes in sports cars. Its headquarters is located in Lelystad. The cars of the brand are based on Lotus Seven design. The modern Donkervoort vehicles are built under the motto “No Compromise”. It means that the cars have no electronic aids like ABS, ESP and power steering. more

The company was created in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort in Tienhoven. Donkervoort S7 was the first car of the brand, released in 1978. Since its creation Donkervoort used Ford Zetec engines. In 1996, it signed a contract about engines supply with Audi. The Audi engines were used for the first time in Donkervoort D8 Audi model.

In 2000, the company moved to Lelystad. In 2007, Donkervoort D8 GT was presented. It became the first car of the brand with a closed body.

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