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Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of sports and racing cars. It’s located in Braeside, near Melbourne. It’s the oldest continuous sports car manufacturer in Australia. more

It was founded in 1957 by Garrie Cooper, a successful driver and car builder, as Elfin Sports Car Company. After the death of the creator in 1982, the company was sold to racer Tony Edmondson, mechanic John Porter and Tasmanian Don Elliott. In 1993, Elfin was bought by Murray Richards, who started to produce Type 3, the new generation of Elfin Clubman. In 1998, Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch became new owners of the company. At the moment, Elfin pertains to racing driver Tom Walkinshaw.

Elfin cars have won 29 championships, among which are Australian Drivers' Championship, Australian Sports Car Championship, Australian Tourist Trophy and Australian Formula Ford Series. It can also boast of the victories in the Singapore Grand Prix, the Malaysian Grand Prix and the New Zealand Grand Prix.

Elfin Clubman MS8 2004 posters

Elfin Streamliner MS8 2004 posters