Ferrari 430 Scuderia 2008 posters

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

With the design of F1 single-seater technology, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a powerful sports car with a lightweight of just 2775 lb (1250 kg) and 510 hp delivered at 8500 rpm by its naturally aspirated 4308 cm3 V8 engine. This gives the car an impressive weight-power ratio of only 2.45 kg/hp, allowing it to 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds - similar to that of a Ferrari Enzo. Additionally, this mid-rear engined berlinetta is equipped with sophisticated aerodynamics, an F1-SuperFast2 gearbox, E-Diff, and F1-Trac traction control system, resulting in amazing driving pleasure both on the road and on the track. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia's engine is an evolution of the Ferrari F430, consisting of modifications to boost its power. This includes optimised inlet ducts and exhaust system inspired by the Ferrari F430 Challenge, along with the use of carbon-fibre for the intake manifold and filter housing for weight reduction. Furthermore, the car emits a distinct engine and exhaust sound, exuding uncompromising sportiness.

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