Ferrari 550 Maranello 2001 posters

Ferrari 550 Maranello

The Ferrari 550 Maranello is Ferrari's interpretation of a modern 12-cylinder front-engined sports berlinetta. Technicians crafted this car with the needs of Ferrari customers in mind, balancing performance, driveability, comfort, and design for a truly unique experience. Along with state-of-the-art technology, the car also exhibits the high-quality craftsmanship that Ferrari is known for. This combination provides the Ferrari 550 Maranello with both superb dynamic qualities and luxurious amenities for the ultimate two-person GT car. Design
Pininfarina designed the Ferrari 550 Maranello with tasteful yet bold features that reflect a modern take on classic berlinettas. Its lines are sinuous yet strong and expression sleek performance, combining Ferrari's styling traditions with current design trends. The dihedrons envelop the body and emphasize its power while maintaining the car's aesthetic and understated look.

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