Ferrari 575GTC 2004 posters

Ferrari 575GTC

The Ferrari 575M Maranello is a two seat, three door, grand tourer sports car built by Ferrari and launched in 2002. It is a significant update of the 550 model, featuring new styling from Pininfarina, a renewed interior, bigger brake discs, a larger and more powerful engine, a different weight distribution, refined aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics, and an adaptive suspension set-up. The model number refers to the engine size in litres, with 'M' standing for 'modified'. For 2005, the company further improved the 575M with their GTC handling package and Superamerica version (a limited-edition 559 convertible variant of the coupe), plus an extra 25 horsepower. The GTC package features the fourth ceramic composite brake system seen on boats such as the Challenge Stradale, F430, and Enzo; a performance-tuned suspension system; a low-restriction exhaust; and unique 19" wheels. The package is priced at US$23,500 and the 575M Maranello starts at US$224,640.

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