Fiat 1100 D Station Wagon 1962 posters

Fiat 1100 D Station Wagon

The Fiat 1100 was an automobile produced from 1937 to 1969, by the Italian car maker Fiat. It was first introduced as an updated version of the 508 "Balilla" (its real name was the 508C), featuring a heart-shaped front grille similar to that of the 1936 Fiat 500 "Topolino" and the larger 1500. It was powered by a 1089 cc four cylinder, overhead valve, engine, driving the rear wheels via a four speed gearbox. Subsequently the car was partially restyled around the front end, becoming known as the "1100 musone" (i.e. "big nose"). Following World War II, in 1949, there was a definitive restyling, with the addition of a curvy trunk and a new name, the 1100E. In 1953 the 1100 was completely redesigned with a modern monocoque bodywork, integrated front lights and a 1089 cc engine. It was called the 1100/103 after its project number, available in both "economica" (cheaper) and "normale" (standard) versions. There was a sporty version, the 1100TV, and a station-wagon version with a fifth door. In 1956 the model was updated with newly designed grille, a more rectangular profile, dual color dress, and eventually small fins with spear-shaped backlights - entering the market the special version, the 1100 Granluce (i.e. "Large light"). The 3rd generation of the 1100 was introduced in 1962 as the 1100D, a 4-door runabout with smooth sides and a new simpler rectangular mouth. The model saw minor changes until 1966, when the introduction of the Fiat 124 led to a further alteration in styling. This gave birth to the very last 1100 model, released in 1969 as the 1100R (R = Redesigned). It was distinguishable by its longer, straighter and slimmer line, with a square back and a front-end look closely resembling that of the 124. This was eventually replaced by the Fiat 128. The 1100D is also known as the Premier Padmini in India.

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