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Fiat 125 1967 posters

Fiat 125

The Fiat 125 was a large family car introduced by Fiat in 1967. It was based on the chassis of the outgoing model, the Fiat 1300/1500, while the body was extended from the 124. Its engine was a 1608 cc DOHC with 90 bhp. In 1968, a Special version was added to the range, featuring improved trim and styling. It also had a five-speed gearbox and an upgraded 100 bhp engine. A three-speed automatic transmission also became available as an option. Variations Dealers in New Zealand modified some of the 125s to produce around 125 bhp with larger valves, two twin 40DHLA carburettors, modified camshafts and a higher compression ratio. Other variations were made by Moretti, Zagato, Savio, Pininfarina and Vignale. Foreign production Production in Italy ended in 1973 with 603,877 cars having been built. The 125 was also produced in Argentina, where production continued until 1982, as well as Poland, where it remained in production from 1967-1991. In Egypt, the Fiat 125 was produced until 1983 due to its strength and reliability. Polski Fiat 125p / FSO 1300 & 1500 The FSO car factory of Poland produced a licence copy of the Fiat 125, known as the Polski Fiat 125p, and later as the FSO 1500, FSO 1300 or FSO 125p. This version featured 1300-1500 ccm engines and mechanicals based on the Fiat 1300/1500. The car had four round headlights instead of square ones, and was available in estate, pickup, and hatchback models.

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