Fiat 127 Panorama 1980 posters

Fiat 127 Panorama

The Fiat 127 was a supermini produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from 1971 until 1983. It was created to replace the Fiat 850 and and was available as a two-door saloon and a three-door hatchback. The car made a revolutionary debut, utilizing a transverse engine, front wheel drive and a transverse leaf spring suspension. The 127 was well received, winning European Car of the Year in 1972 and becoming a best seller in the European market. The Series 2 version of the 127 saw a restyled front and rear, a revised dashboard, a larger rear glass area, and a new 1049cc engine option. The Mark 3 was introduced in 1982 and featured modern interior styling. Additionally, a 5-door derivative was made available in certain countries. A panel van version known as the Fiorino was also based on the Series 2. Internationally, the Fiat 127 had many variants. SEAT produced its Spanish version, the SEAT 127, which was later updated to the SEAT Fura Dos after their license from Fiat expired. Some design elements from this car can be found in the SEAT Ibiza Mark 1. Zastava Koral of Yugoslavia produced a car based on the 127, called the Yugo 45. Lastly, the Fiat 147 of Brazil was based on the 127's underpinnings.

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