Fiat 1500 1961 posters

Fiat 1500

The Fiat 1500 was a large family car manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat Auto from 1961 to 1967, which replaced the Fiat 1200. It was available as a saloon and estate, and also spawned a convertible version which shared little mechanically with the other body styles except the 1500 engine. The 1500 was assembled by Fiat's German subsidiary, Neckar Automobil AG, and the Yugoslavian Zastava as well.

The 1500 featured a longitudinally, front-mounted engine which powered the rear axle via a four-speed manual transmission. The engine was a 1481cc (bore 77 x stroke 79.5mm) ohv 4-cyl in-line one, delivering 72bhp @ 5,200rpm. It had a wheelbase of 250.5 cm.

Other versions

Fiat 1500 L / 1500 Taxi

These models were essentially Fiat 1800s fitted with the 1500 engine, and were referred to as "1500" in Fiat nomenclature. The Taxi version debuted in 1962 and had the engine derated to 60 hp. The 1500 L (for 'Lunga' - Italian for 'long') originally had a 72 hp engine, upgraded to 75 hp in 1964 along with the Fiat 1500 C.

Siata 1500TS

Siata, the Italian tuning accessories and special vehicles manufacturer, devised a model called TS or 1500 TS which differed from the regular Fiat saloon in several ways, including two-tone paint and an engine tuned to deliver as much as 94 bhp. Moreover, there was a 1500TS Coupé version with a unique body designed by Giovanni Michelotti. Both the saloon and the coupé were manufactured by Neckar Automobil AG, formerly known as NSU-Fiat.

Zastava 1300/1500

The Yugoslavian automaker Crvena Zastava, which was extensively cooperating with Fiat, also assembled the 1300 and 1500, branding them as Zastava 1300 and Zastava 1500, respectively.

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