Fiat Campagnola 1974 posters

Fiat Campagnola

The Fiat 1107 "Campagnola" has a long history of being delivered to every Italian armed service since 1975. It is a light off-road vehicle with a standard or long wheelbase and a canvas or hard top. The version presented by the Distaccamento Aeroportuale di Ronchi dei Legionari is in the standard hard top wheelbase. This vehicle measures 3.775 m in length, 1.600 m in width, and 1.945 m in height. Furthermore, its wheelbase is 2.300 m, wheeltrack is 1.365 m, and the minimum ground clearance is 0.27 m. It is propelled by a Fiat 4-cyl gasoline engine that operates with 56 kW at 4600 rpm and a 4X4 transmission. It is supported with an independent suspension system on all four wheels, allowing it to achieve a maximum speed of 110 km/h, 45° gradeability, and a maximum fording depth of 0.700 m. The "Campagnola" is mainly used as an Incident Command post for rescue operations. It is equipped with loudspeakers and other necessary command and control equipment. Additionally, there are some light rescue accessories mounted on the rear, including a saw, an oxygen cutting torch, and other aids.

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