Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power 2009 posters

Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power

Fiat is proud to introduce their latest vehicle offering, the Fiat Grande Punto Natural Power. As a dual-fuel vehicle, this model confirms Fiat's commitment to the environment. With the most vehicles containing original methane equipment, Fiat leads the field in methane-driven vehicles. During the period January-August of 2008, 43,000 vehicles were sold compared to 33,000 the previous year in Italy alone. Fiat is the only manufacturer to offer an extensive range of dual fuel vehicles, including the Multipla, Punto, Panda Climbing, and Doblò Natural Power. This newest Fiat model offers excellent financial savings, as it costs only EUR 12 for a full tank of natural gas, and only EUR 3.8 for an entire 100km journey. Coupled with a greater mileage range of over 1000km on a full tank, this vehicle is convenient and efficient. The Fiat Grande Punto also meets the EURO 5 directive, with low CO2 emissions of 115 g/km, allowing customers to access maximum state incentives. For the gas launch of this model, Fiat adopted LifeGate's Impatto Zero® project which involves reducing carbon dioxide emissions and compensating for them by planting new forests. Fiat calculated the environmental impact of the launch and planted 6,668m2 of forest in the Ticino Natural Park to compensate. This innovative model is being offered at a promotional price of EUR 12,300 which includes six years interest-free finance (valid until 31 December 2009).

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