Fiat Punto Sporting 2003 posters

Fiat Punto Sporting

The second generation Punto, codenamed Project 188, was launched in September 1999 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Featuring an all-new styling which retains the original Punto's distinctive shape, it has completely overhauled chassis and interior, with a torsion beam rear suspension. The new Punto became the first Fiat in decades to carry the original round Fiat badge, to commemorate the centenary of Fiat. The launch event of the hatchback also presented the Fiat Wish concept car, a hardtop convertible version of the Punto, very similar to the Peugeot 206 CC.

Entry level

The entry-level models are equipped with a 1.2-L petrol unit, with either 8 or 16 valves, giving 60 hp (45 kW) and 80 hp (60 kW) respectively, or a 1.9-L diesel, with common rail injection and turbocharger or mechanically injected.

Sporting versions

Two sporty versions of the Punto were presented. A 1.2-L 16 valve Sporting model with a six-speed manual, and a 1.8-L HGT which could reach almost 130 mph (210 km/h). The 1.2-L 16V model also has a Speedgear CVT-equipped variant (with a sequential manual shift mode consisting of six gears, seven for the Sporting model). The 1.8-L HGT goes from 0-60 in 8.0 seconds, making it an upgrade in handling over the Punto GT. There is an HGT Abarth variant, too, which has deeper bumpers, rear spoiler, side skirts, new alloy wheels and interior trim. The HGT Abarth has no technical improvements over the regular HGT.

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