Fiat Regata 75 1984 posters

Fiat Regata 75

The Fiat Regata 75 was the saloon version of the Fiat Ritmo, a small family car. It was produced from 1983 to 1990, mirroring the post-facelift Ritmo. Buyers could select from two gasoline and two diesel engines and faced competition from Audi 80, Ford Orion, Rover 213/216, Vauxhall Belmont, and Volkswagen Jetta. For the Spanish market, the car was rebranded as the SEAT Málaga. 1983 On its Frankfurt Motor Show debut in September 1983, the Regata shared most of its mechanicals with the pre-facelift Ritmo (known in the U.K. and U.S. as the Fiat Strada). However, while the Ritmo had a hatchback, the Regata was a three-box four-door saloon, with just a hint of the Ritmo's 1982 facelift visible in its design. The available engines were the 68 bhp 1301 cc SOHC "I4" (Regata 70), the 82 bhp 1498 cc SOHC I4 (Regata 85), the 100 bhp DOHC 1585 cc I4 (Regata 100), the 58 bhp 1714 cc SOHC I4 diesel, and the 65 bhp 1929 cc SOHC I4 diesel (added in 1984). An economy version, the Regata ES, had a higher compression ratio and different valve timing, an electronically-controlled engine shut-off during idling, and an aerodynamically-optimised design. In 1984, the Regata Weekend estate, featuring a folding rear bumper which enabled easier access to the load area, was released. This variant was available in both 1.3 and 1.6 versions, as well as the two diesel choices. 1986 In 1986, the Regata received several minor updates to the exterior, including new door handles. The 1585 cc engine was also upgraded with fuel-injection, becoming the 100ie (the catalysed version was also available, dubbed the 90ie). For its 1.5 option, Fiat installed a fuel-injected catalysed engine, named the 75ie. The 85 Automatic was dropped and replaced with the 70 Automatic with a 1.3 L engine at 65 bhp. The diesel models were also refreshed, with an 80 bhp 1929 cc turbodiesel engine. The smaller 1714 cc unit lost a few cubic centimetres, but gained in power (60 bhp) and fuel efficiency. The entire car shed a few kilograms, as well. The Fiat Regata ceased production in 1990 when the Tempra was introduced.

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