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Fiat Ritmo Supercabrio 1985 posters

Fiat Ritmo Supercabrio

The 1978 Fiat Ritmo was a unique small family car developed by Italy's Bertone. It was marketed as the Fiat Strada in the U.K. and U.S., but rumors suggest that its name change was due to the American slang for it being a brand of female sanitary towels. History The Ritmo's underlying components were identical to the more conventional-looking 128, which was produced until 1984. Despite being cheaper than competitors such as the Ford Escort and Austin Allegro, it struggled to engage customers outside of Italy and Spain. It featured 1.1L (60bhp), 1.3L (65bhp) and 1.5L (75bhp) petrol engines that were both economical and refined, however they did not have much power. The ride and handling were bouncy and the steering felt heavy and imprecise. The gearbox was heavily criticised. In 1980, Fiat released a diesel engine (1714cc/55bhp) and, a year later, the Ritmo Super with revised 75 (1300) and 85 (1500) bhp engines. 1981 marked the arrival of the 105TC sporting model, using a 1585cc DOHC Fiat engine with 105bhp. It was followed by the 125TC, which featured a 1995cc DOHC engine with 125bhp, as well as ventilated front discs, a new ZF gearbox, modified suspension and reinforced parts.

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