Fiat Ulysse Emotion 2.0 16v 2002 posters

Fiat Ulysse Emotion 2.0 16v

The Fiat Ulysse Emotion 2.0 16v is a part of the large MPVs commonly known as Eurovans, that are manufactured at the Sevel Nord factory in France, near Valenciennes. Produced by a joint venture between PSA and Fiat, the other vehicles in this segment are known publicly as Citroën C8, Lancia Phedra and Peugeot 807. The models are mostly similar and bear the hallmarks of badge engineering. Second generation The second generation of Eurovans brought an increase in the exterior dimensions, wheelbase and suspension setup. The body structure, however, remained largely unchanged. The models were offered a much more modern and stylish design, along with newly designed central indicators in the dashboard. The model range includes the Fiat Ulysse and Peugeot 807, while the Citroën and Lancia have been renamed to C8 and Phedra respectively. The Fiat and the Lancia are bigger in size compared to the PSA vans. Engines The Fiat Ulysse Emotion 2.0 16v is given a power boost with the help of the PSA EW/DW engine paired with either the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions. Additionally, more advanced variants are available with PSA ES V6 engine. All the diesel models use the PSA HDIs that are called JTD by Fiat.

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