Fiat X1-9 1972 posters

Fiat X1-9

The Fiat X1/9 is a two-seat mid-engined sports car that was designed by Bertone and produced by FIAT from 1972 to 1989. The iconic car was the first affordable mid-engined sports car and was lauded for its sharp styling, perfect handling, and propensity to rapid corrosion in wetter climates. The first X1/9 concept car, the Autobianchi A112 Runabout, was styled by Marcello Gandini of Bertone and featured a Fiat 128 engine and gearbox from the front wheel drive. The design featured a wedge shape and took its inspiration from power-boat design. Although the extreme characteristics such as the C pillar mounted headlights and small wind-deflector were not implemented in the production version, many features of the Autobianchi Runabout can still be seen in the X1/9 – the long flat bonnet with central indentation, the large front overhang, the C pillar roll-over hoop, and the car-length indented plimsoll-line. When it was officially released, the production X1/9 possessed an unmistakable sharp-edged styling with a wedge shape, pop-up headlights, and a removable hard top roof. When side by side with its later iteration, the Lancia Monte Carlo (originally called the Fiat X1/8), similarities between the two cars could be seen.

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