FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit 2006 posters

FPV BF MkII Super Pursuit

Ford Performance Vehicles has further enhanced the look of its vehicles through the bold styling of the new BF model range. To distinguish between the Boss 290 V8-powered and F6 270 Turbo-powered models, both the front and rear bumpers have been changed. The front bumpers boast an aggressive race-inspired lip, and the rear bumpers feature a stylish new-look opening. Additionally, all of the Boss 290-powered vehicles receive 19-inch alloy wheels as standard fitment, and the GT-P and Super Pursuit models also showcase a new wheel design. To complement the changes, there are a variety of optional side stripe and hood decal packages for Boss 290-powered vehicles. "Our customers were already enamoured with the race-inspired styling of the BA GT, as well as the technical detail we used to make the F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado look unique," said David Flint, Managing Director of Ford Performance Vehicles. "With the BF models, we've been able to give them increased road presence while also clearly differentiating between our Boss 290 V8 models and F6 variants."

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