Holden Commodore 2018 posters

Holden Commodore

Now Australians can get their first glimpse of the new Holden Commodore, set to launch in early 2018. The next-gen Commodore has been designed and developed by the Opel team in Germany in cooperation with GM Holden's team, featuring a sleek and sophisticated design with cutting-edge safety, driving and infotainment technology, making it great for Australia. Holden has confirmed a number of features that will make the all-new Commodore the most technologically-advanced Holden ever. These will include potentially life-saving safety technologies, active driving technologies and seamless infotainment, which will make driving safer, easier, more involving and more connected than ever before for customers. "The 2018 Commodore redefines the level of technology people can expect," said Holden's Executive Director of Sales, Peter Keley. "It combines technology across a number of areas in a way that you would usually only find in high-end prestige cars and makes it available for everyday Australians. With its powerful V6 engine, world-first all-wheel-drive system and other on-road performance, the Commodore provides everything customers could want and more," he added.

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