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Honda Accord Coupe 1988 posters

Honda Accord Coupe

The third generation Accord was introduced in Japan on 4 June 1985 and in Europe and North America later that year. Boasting a very striking exterior design, styled by Toshi Oshika in 1983, the Accord featured hidden headlamps, a signature style of Honda's Japanese dealershipchannel called Honda Verno. This gave certain Accord models a distinction in comparison to their counterparts in other markets, such as Europe. Additionally, this generation was the first Honda to employ double wishbones at both the front and rear ends for improved stability and better handling. When it came to brakes, the Accord offered three choices: small all-wheel discs with twin-piston calipers (only available on the Japanese-market 2.0-Si model), larger all-wheel discs with single piston calipers, or a front disc/rear drum system. ABS was also available as an option on the 4-wheel disc brake models, though not in North America. Likewise, owners could choose between 13-inch steel wheels with hubcaps or 14-inch alloy wheels. The Accord's available engines varied depending on its market, ranging from the A18A, B18A, and B20A in Japan, to the A16A1, A20A2, A20A4, B20A2, and B20A8 in Europe, and the A20A1 and A20A3 in North America. In Japan, the introduction of a 2.0 litre engine put the Accord into the luxury category due to the higher amount of annual road tax inevitably associated with the model.

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