Honda Accord Sedan 1979 posters

Honda Accord Sedan

The Honda Accord Sedan first made its debut on May 7th, 1976. It was offered in three-door hatchback form, and boasted 68 hp (51 kW), a 2,380 mm (93.7 in) wheelbase, and a weight of around 2,000 pounds. The Japanese market version of the car featured 80 PS (59 kW), while the European and other global exports had 80 PS, as well, but according to the stricter DIN norm. Given its moderate size and great fuel efficiency, the Accord was highly popular. It was also one of the first Japanese sedans to provide amenities like cloth seats, a tachometer, intermittent wipers, and an AM/FM radio. Then in 1978, an LX version of the hatchback was released and came with air conditioning, digital clock, and power steering – features that had previously not been available in cars under two litres. On October 14th, 1977, a four-door sedan variation was introduced, and the Accord underwent some more tweaks, such as a more powerful 72 hp (54 kW) engine, a place where increased emissions regulations were observed in Japan. North American versions of the car saw cosmetic adjustments to the bumpers and grilles, as well as the addition of remote mirrors for LX and four-door models. 1981 just saw subtle changes such as new fabrics and color schemes, and the instrument panel was redesigned with graphics taking the place of worded warning lights and gauges. Additionally, the shifter received a stronger spring to help reduce the chances of accidental engagement of reverse. By 1981, the power of the 1.8 was down to 68 hp (51 kW) in North America.

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