Honda Accord Sedan 1996 posters

Honda Accord Sedan

When the 5th generation model of the Honda Accord was launched in 1993, it marked the first time in the car's history that Honda developed two distinct versions: one for the European market and the other for North America, Japan, and the Philippines. As a result of their past success with the Honda Legend and the Rover 800, Honda and Rover Group created the European Accord and the Rover 600. Furthermore, it was sold in Japan as the Isuzu Aska, and some Isuzu models were also offered as Honda products. At its introduction, the 1993 Honda Accord received the Car of the Year Japan Award for the second time.

North America, Japan and Philippines

The 5th gen North American Accord made it debut on 9 September 1993, and was built on the 'CD' chassis. Compared to its predecessor, the Accord's width had grown, while its length had decreased - resulting in a classification as a mid-size car in the North American market. In Japan, the Accord failed to fit into the favorable tax bracket, thus prompting its role to be partially taken over by the slightly narrower second-generation Honda Ascot (sold at Honda Primo dealerships) and Honda Rafaga (sold at Honda Verno). Due to its width, this generation of the Accord didn't comply with the 1,695 mm (67 in) limitation in Japan, while it exceeded the maximum limit of 2000cc to be considered a "compact". Requiring road tax to be paid for the installation of a 2.0-liter engine, this ultimately affected sales.

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