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Honda Accord Sedan 2.0E European Version 2003 posters

Honda Accord Sedan 2.0E [EU]

The Honda Accord is an automobile manufactured and redesigned by Honda and it is sold across the world. The versions found in Japan and other nations differ from the North American models in their features. For instance, the 4th generation of Accords, expressed from 1989-1992 in Japan, introduced features that had not been seen in Accords before, such as a Navigation System, TV, mini-disc player, digital automatic climate control, traction control, Anti-Lock brakes, side-marker lights, heated mirrors, outside temperature gauge, an in-cabin air refiner, map lights, seat heaters, standard fog lamps, headlight washers, rear fog light, full-power seats, telescoping bumper pole, and a half-mast antenna switch. An Accord Si and Si-T model have also been available in certain areas including Japan in addition to a 'Euro R' trim. In 1998, a major redesign marked the 6th generation of the Accord as the largest one produced to date. The wagon was not sold in the US, while other areas had two different versions: the North American and international one. The North American one was similar to the Japanese Honda Inspire, while the international model made it to North America in the form of the Acura TSX. In 2003, the Accord underwent another facelift, yet the size stayed the same. As opposed to its North American counterpart, the international version featured various hi-tech amenities and slight alterations to its body styling. It also had Honda's Intelligent Driver System (HIDS) including Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and adaptive cruise control features. Both models of the Accord are available in Australia.

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