Honda Accord Wagon 1996 posters

Honda Accord Wagon

When Honda launched the 5th generation model of the Accord in 1993, they made history by developing two distinct versions; one for the European market and one for the North American and Japanese market. Honda and the Rover Group joined forces to create the European Accord and the Rover 600, which were aligned with the success of the Honda Legend and the Rover 800. In Japan, the Accord was also sold as the Isuzu Aska, and some Isuzu products were marketed as Honda products. Upon its introduction, this model won the Car of the Year Japan Award in 1993 for the second time.

North America, Japan and Philippines

The 5th generation Accord in North America was based on the 'CD' chassis and released on 9 September 1993. It was made larger than its predecessor to suit the demands of the North American market and grew wider but shorter, relegating it to the mid-size car class in North America. As a result, it became too wide to fit within the favorable tax bracket in Japan and thus replaced partially by the second-generation Honda Ascot (sold at Honda Primo) and Honda Rafaga (sold at Honda Verno) which were slightly narrower. Previously, Accord models sold in Japan needed to have a width of 1,695 mm (67 in) but this generation didn't comply. The installed engine was a 2.0 litre, which surpassed the limit of 2000cc for the ‘compact' tax bracket and caused buyers to be charged more annual road tax, subsequently leading to a decline in sales.

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