Honda Civic CRX Si 1987 posters

Honda Civic CRX Si

The Honda CR-X, originally known as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan, is a compact sports car that was manufactured by Honda. It was marketed as the Honda Civic CR-X outside of Japan. Introduced in 1983 for the 1984 model year, the CR-X was a two-seater sporty hatchback with a lightweight and fuel-efficient design. The US version came with a 1.3-liter motor and was able to consistently achieve over 50 mpg. The European market received a 130 hp ZC engine and 4-seats. In 1987, Honda redesigned the CR-X and it was produced to 1992. It was wildly popular due to its performance (particularly the US version of the Si), excellent handling, and great fuel economy. When the Si model was introduced it came with a DOHC 1.6L ZC engine, producing 128 bhp. In 1990, Honda began incorporating Variable Valve Timing and Lift in the B16A engine, with 150 and 160 bhp for the European variants and the JDM model respectively. A rare option was an extendable glass roof stretching from the top of the windshield back to the hatch. In 1992, Honda discontinued the CR-X and replaced it with the Honda Del Sol, though it was still marketed as the CR-X Del Sol in some regions. There has been speculation of the CR-X returning, though as of yet there haven't been any official announcements. The Civic CR-X was Motor Trends Import Car of the Year for 1984 and was on Car and Driver magazines Ten Best list for 1985 and 1988. The Si model was also awarded MotorTrends Import Car of the Year for 1988.

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