Honda Civic Si Hatchback 1989 posters

Honda Civic Si Hatchback

In 1987, Honda made a significant redesign of the model year 1988 Civic. Double-wishbone suspension was added to all four corners, wheelbase increased to 98.4 inches (250 cm), and the body was redesigned with a lower hood line and more glass. For the rear suspension, it was more accurately described as multi-link trailing arm suspension. For the base model, the fourth generation Civic was equipped with a 1.2 L SOHC single carbureted engine, but this engine was not available for the Japanese and American markets. Instead, in Japan the base version received a 1.3 L SOHC single carbureted engine, and was either identified as 23L or 23U. The 1.5 L SOHC engine had different versions such as dual-point injection, single carbureted, and dual carbureted, which were available in the Japanese-market 25X and 25XT. Furthermore, the Si model featured a (ZC) D16A8/A9 1.6 L 16V DOHC engine. The 1989 Honda Civic SiR Hatchback, the top model of the hatchback, was fitted with the 1.6-litre, 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp) at 7,600 rpm "B16A" DOHC VTEC engine which marked the introduction of Honda's VTEC technology. The European model, referred to as “1.6i-VT”, used a slightly less powerful B16A1 engine, which had an 8,200 rpm redline and made 150 hp (112 kW), but the same 111 lbf·ft (150 N·m) of torque as the Japanese market B16. Additionally, Japanese-market versions with automatic transmission received the lower-powered engine. Japan

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