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Honda HSC Concept 2003 posters

Honda HSC Concept

The Honda HSC (Honda/High-performance Sports Concept) made its debut at Japan's Tokyo Motor Show in 2003. Automotive media speculated that the HSC was designed to replace the Honda NSX, although Honda never confirmed this. The 2003 sports car concept featured an aluminum 3.5L V6 VTEC engine, with a 6 speed transmission and F1 style paddle shifter or dial shifter on the center console. For reversing, a rear mounted camera was displayed on the navigation system's adjustable flat-panel screen. Leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber trim pieces adorned the interior, and scissor-style doors added a touch of extravagance. Two years after the unveiling of the concept, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui announced that the HSC was only a test in the process of creating the next evolution of NSX. This new car is anticipated to have a V10 engine, inspired by the Honda Racing F1 Team's technology, and with the potential to be released between 2007-2009.

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