Honda Pilot EX 2005 posters

Honda Pilot EX

The Honda Pilot is a second generation SUV fully designed and produced by Honda. It’s built in both Alliston, Ontario, Canada and Lincoln, Alabama. Prior to Pilot’s introduction, Honda only had the smaller CR-V SUV based on the Civic platform and the larger, truck-based Passport. The Pilot provides many features not available on the CR-V such as overall size, passenger space, and towing capacity. It’s constructed with unibody construction and fortified with integrated frame rails, enabling the Pilot to accommodate light off-roading. The Pilot was designed to meet high demand for American SUVs and has quickly become one of Honda's best-sellers with over 100,000 sold in 2004, an increase of 20% from 2003. It’s sold in North America, Japan, and Australia, whereas in the Middle East it’s known as the MR-V.


Powering the Honda Pilot is the aluminum alloy 3.5L SOHC, 24-valve VTEC V6 engine, rated at either 240 or 255 horsepower, depending on the year. Its coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission, tested with a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 7.2 seconds and quarter-mile sprint of 14.6 seconds. The Pilot weighs in at over 4,400 lbs and has an estimated EPA gas mileage of 17 city, 22 highway. It also shares the same 4,500 lb boat and 3,500 lb trailer towing capability with its Acura MDX relative.


The Honda Pilot offers seating for up to 8 passengers with three rows, although the footroom in the third row is limited, making it better suited for small adults or children. Similar to the Honda Odyssey, the second and third rows can fold into completely flat surfaces. Optional amenities include a powered moonroof, DVD entertainment system, and navigation system. It also employs the same VTM-4 four-wheel drive system as the MDX, sending power to all four wheels under acceleration and when wheel slippage is detected. Other safety features of the Pilot include ABS-equipped four-wheel disc brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel independent suspension and 282 degrees of outward visibility.

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