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Hummer H1 10th Anniversary Edition 2002 posters

Hummer H1 10th Anniversary Edition

The Hummer H1 is a civilian version of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), popularly known as the Humvee, built by AM General. In 1992, the Hummer H1 entered the civilian market, boosted by media attention from Operation Desert Storm and Arnold Schwarzenegger's personal endorsement. However, due to new emission laws in 2007, GM announced that the 2006 model would be the last production Hummer H1. Although commercial production has ended, AM General continues to fulfill orders for more than 50,000 new HMMWVs over the next three years for the United States Military. Fleet sales of a potential new version of the H1, likely using a refined version of the prior 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine, could provide a way for AM General to bypass the stricter emissions regulations and produce up to 800 units each year.


The Hummer H1 currently has three variants available to the public - a convertible-like soft top, a four-doorhard top pickup truck, and a Wagon body version. There are also two less common two-door pickup truck and four-door slantback versions, offered exclusively through fleet livery.

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