Hummer H2 SUT Dirt Sport Concept 2003 posters

Hummer H2 SUT Dirt Sport Concept

The Hummer H2 is the second vehicle sold under the Hummer marque of General Motors. It is a large SUV that seats up to five passengers and offers substantial off-road capability. However, it is smaller than the Hummer H1. In 2004, the H2 was modified to create the H2 SUT ("Sport Utility Truck") which included a pickup truck bed at the rear. Overview Manufactured by AM General, the H2 is made up of three sections: a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame for the front, a new and completely boxed mid-section, and a modified GM 1500-Series frame in the rear upgraded for the gross vehicle weight of 8,000 pounds (3629 kg). Upon its release, the H2 was popular but eventually sales dropped to 28,898 in 2004 and 23,213 in 2005. Despite this, it was still nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award for 2003. Engine The H2 is powered by a 6.0L V8 engine. Capabilities The H2's high ground clearance, large tires, and protective underbody plates give it excellent off-roading capabilities. It can even climb a 20-inch high (0.4 m) wall. Its massive truck frame and wide track also offer stability against overturning, giving it an advantage compared to many other light truck SUVs. Fuel economy User reports suggest the H2 offers fuel economy of 10 to 14 miles per gallon or 14 to 17 L/100 km on improved roads. On urban roads, the numbers are lower at 8 to 14 U.S. mpg (21 to 25 L/100 km). Despite this, most reviews report high single to low double-digit mileage when driving an H2.

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