Hummer H2 SUV Concept 2002 posters

Hummer H2 SUV Concept

The Hummer H2 is a large SUV, which is smaller in size compared to the Hummer H1, and is equipped with room for five passengers and substantial off-road capabilities. With modification, its rearmost part can be changed to a pickup truck bed. The vehicle is constructed under contract by AM General in a specially built plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. It is based on GM's GMT820 truck platform, so there are similarities with the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, however it differs significantly. The final frame assembly of the H2 consists of three sections - the front section which has a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame, a mid-section which is all new and is boxed, and a rear section which has a modified GM 1500-Series frame with an upgrade to its Gross Vehicle Weight of 8000 pounds. Initially it was quite popular in sales, but the numbers dropped to 28,898 for 2004 and 23,213 for 2005. In 2003, the H2 was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award. It is equipped with a 6000 6.0 L V8 engine. With its high ground clearance, large tires, protective underbody plates, and low gearing, it can easily climb over a 20-inch wall. Additionally, due to its truck frame and wide track, it is fairly stable against overturning although it has not yet been subjected to safety tests. Generally, fuel consumption is reported to be between 10 to 14 mpg (21 to 17 L/100 km) for travel on improved roads, and 8 to 14 U.S. mpg (25 to 21 L/100 km) for city driving.

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