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Hummer Humvee Military Vehicle 2003 posters

Hummer Humvee Military Vehicle

The HMMWV (or Humvee) is a reliable military motor vehicle which has largely replaced the Jeep and other light trucks for the US military, as well as being utilised by various other countries and organisations. Features At least 17 types of HMMWV are used by the US armed forces. They provide a range of functions from cargo/troop carriers to ambulances, missile carriers, howitzer prime movers, and air support vehicles. It is also capable of fording water and can be outfitted with a winch and additional armor if necessary. M1025 and M1043/M1044 armament carriers can hold MK19 grenade launchers, M2 machine guns, M240G machine guns, and M249 SAW's. The M1114 "up-armored" HMMWV features a CROWS (crew served optical weapons station). History In 1977, the US Army identified a need for a more reliable, multipurpose wheeled vehicle, and the Humvee was born. To meet the Army's specifications, Lamborghini created the Cheetah model, and AM General finalized the design a year later. The first prototype, the M998, was created and tested in 1979.

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