Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept 2008 posters

Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

The Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid is a unique vehicle that blends the classic look and style of the regular Hyundai Santa Fe with advanced hybrid technology. Hyundai developed a proprietary parallel hybrid drive system, combining a powerful 2.4-litre Theta engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission with a 30 kW electric motor, allowing for greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. This system was showcased at the 2008 Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, displaying Hyundai's commitment to reducing emissions. Advanced Hybrid Technology The petrol-electric hybrid technology used in the Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid results in an impressive 148 g/km of CO2 emissions and a combined cycle fuel consumption of 6.2 l/100km. In addition, it can reach up to 170 km/h and has an impressive 0-100km/h acceleration time of 10.6 seconds, with virtually no decrease in performance. To maximize fuel efficiency, its major components have been optimized to reduce friction and the crankcase is filled with low friction oil, while its engine control software shuts off the engine when the car comes to a complete stop. Furthermore, the injection pressure, engine cycle timing and exhaust retreatment rates have been revised to further reduce fuel consumption.

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