Hyundai Veloster Concept 2007 posters

Hyundai Veloster Concept

The Hyundai Veloster (HND-3) Concept, developed by the Korean automaker's central styling studio in Namyang, is the third in a series of audacious concept cars. The moniker of the vehicle, a combination of "velocity" and "roadster," connotes the classic, sporty characteristics of a two-plus-two. Moreover, a panoramic glass roof and other cutting-edge design features have been incorporated in order to present a modern technological image. The Veloster has been designed purposefully to attract the Y-generation. It is considered to have an iconic design, attractive cost, and robust construction - all making the car an attractive prospect for the first-time twentysomethings. "We wanted to do something unique with the Veloster," said Hyundai's Vice President of Design, Oh Suk-Geun. "We are conscious that we need revolutionary new products for this younger demographic, and this is certainly a bold new direction." Below are the specifications for the vehicle:
  • Length: 4,100
  • Width: 1,790
  • Height: 1,450
  • Wheelbase: 2,600
  • Tires: 245/35 R 20
  • Powertrain: FWD 2.0-liter DOHC Theta inline 4-cylinder, 5-speed automatic

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