Jaguar R-Coupe Concept 2001 posters

Jaguar R-Coupe Concept

At the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 10, 2001, Jaguar revealed their stylish new four-seater luxury coupe, the R-Coupe Concept. Given that it's the first vehicle to feature a new design philosophy, faithful to traditional Jaguar values, it has been developed, directed and overseen by Ian Callum, the company’s Director of Design. As he explains, “The R-Coupe displays that it's possible to remain devoted to Jaguar’s classic design features - angles, stature and graphics - and build a sophisticated car around these elements.” The Jaguar R-Coupe boasts proportions that scream power and movement, an element taken from past designs by the iconic car maker, which was emphasised in the brief given to the design team. And the lowered cabin between the large wheels serves to evoke a sense of enormity and latent power. As well as this, the flowing contours and unpretentious smooth surfaces give the model a strong, muscular look; the side window trim widens as it reaches the tail, while the graceful waistline catches the eye as it runs the length of the car - another symbol of the traditional Jaguar style. Although the R-Coupe won't be released for production, its features will find their way in future releases from the company.

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