Jaguar XJ Super V8 2005 posters

Jaguar XJ Super V8

Although the Mk 2 Jaguar XJ had seen some major revisions, it was beginning to be outclassed by its competitors due to its 1986 design that was now two generations behind. In 2002, the all-new third generation XJ (X350) was released with a traditional exterior and interior styling, as well as a completely re-engineered body. This model also saw the return of the six-cylinder V-configuration engine, the XJ6. Design and engineering The X350's construction uses an aluminium monocoque/chassis with components bonded together with aerospace-grade epoxy adhesives and self-piercing rivets - a different method from the Audi A8's steel body that is spot-welded. Its bodyshell is estimated to weigh the same as a contemporary Mini; 40% more if it were made of steel.

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