Jeep Cherokee UK Version 1997 posters

Jeep Cherokee [UK]

The redesigned 1997 Jeep® Cherokee is set to go on sale in the UK later this month. This extensive redevelopment programme cost $215 million and has resulted in a number of external changes, such as a new grille, sculpted bumpers, flared wheel arches, and new alloy wheels. But much of the overhaul is under the hood, resulting in a host of improvements made to make the Jeep Cherokee easier and more comfortable to drive, both on and off-road.

Tom Gale, Chrysler's Executive Vice President - Product Development, remarked "Chrysler is aware that the Jeep brand is an American icon, recognised world-wide as the original 4x4. We know that when we consider changes to a Jeep vehicle, we must assure our customers that we are not tampering with a legend."

To ensure the Jeep Cherokee met the demands of customers and retained its iconic status, the vehicle underwent comprehensive changes; both inside and out. Inside, new and improved safety measures, heating, ventilation and electrical systems, and noise, vibration, and harshness reduction measures all form part of the package. Externally, the Jeep Cherokee maintains a strong visual link with its predecessor.

"As we embarked on this new model programme," continued Gale, "we questioned existing owners at length. They told us exactly where we needed to improve the Jeep Cherokee...but they always added a rider: 'Don't mess with my Jeep'."

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