Jeep Compass 2007 posters

Jeep Compass [UK]

The Jeep brand is heading into uncharted waters with its all-new Jeep Compass, a modern-styled compact Jeep that provides a formidable combination of size, performance, and fuel economy. It marks the first time the Jeep brand is competing in the compact sport-utility vehicle (SUV) segment, and proudly offers the best fuel economy in its class, with over 43 mpg in the combined cycle when paired with its diesel engine. Furthermore, the Compass is Jeep's first offering with front-wheel drive and a fully independent suspension, promising a comfortable, smooth ride. Peter Lambert, Managing Director of Chrysler Group UK, stated: “The Jeep Compass was designed to attract new customers who usually wouldn't think about the Jeep brand but appreciate the iconic Jeep look and four-wheel drive as a daily feature. Customers are becoming more interested in family hatchbacks with four-wheel drive systems, since they provide better maneuverability and increased safety on the roads. And they will be pleased to learn that the new Jeep Compass offers a spacious interior, a variety of fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines, and the Freedom Drive I 4WD system, packed in a size that rivals the Ford Focus.” The Freedom Drive I is a full-time, active four-wheel-drive system that adds value to an everyday driving experience, providing power on slippery or icy pavement. Lambert also remarked: “The family-style hatchback car is introducing a new chapter to the Jeep brand, as worldwide demand for compact 4x4s is expected to reach nearly 400,000 units by 2010. With the Compass being available with all-wheel drive, Jeep is in a prime position to satisfy this growing demand.”

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