Jeep Station Wagon 1946 posters

Jeep Station Wagon

When it was unveiled in the summer of 1946, the Jeep Station Wagon was an immediate sensation. Not only was it one of the first all-new postwar vehicles, the style combined with its affordability made it a desirable option for a range of needs, from stylish driver to everyday errands. It had a tight wheelbase of 104 inches, making it a breeze to drive and park, and still offered seating for seven with the rear seats removable. This gave it 96 cubic feet of cargo capacity – not to mention, the 50-inch interior height allowed for tall cargo transportation – a feat not many cars of the era could manage. The Station Wagon shifted the reputation of wagons from luxury vehicles to low-cost family transportation. The particular Jeep Station Wagon had a dependable construction in the same vein. Engineer Brooks Stevens introduced a planar suspension with transverse leaf springs, while the powertrain featured the Willys four-cylinder "Go-Devil" engine and the Roos-designed six-cylinder "Lightning" engine. Adding even more to its utility, four-wheel-drive models of the Jeep Station Wagon were introduced in 1949, beginning the trend of 4x4 vehicles for cargo. An undeniable milestone in the automotive industry, the Jeep Station Wagon was an apt indicator of the vehicles to come. The Jeep Wagoneer and subsequent sport-utility vehicles that followed advanced the idea of the Station Wagon levating comfort, performance and utility to new heights. All building on the legacy of the iconic Jeep Station Wagon which was traced back to a sketch by Brooks Stevens in Toledo over 60 years ago.

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