Jeep Willys MB 1943 posters

Jeep Willys MB

The Jeep Willys MB is widely known for having played an important role in helping the United States win the Second World War. It was modified and improved from the origial Willys Quad, and became known to the Army, and the world, as simply the Jeep®. Its name has an interesting backstory as some say it derived from the slurring of the letters "GP," an abbreviation for "General Purpose," while others say it was named after the Popeye character, "Eugene the Jeep." The MB featured a gearshift on the steering column, low side body cutouts, two circular instrument clusters on the dashboard, and a handbrake on the left side. Willys successfully reduced the weight to meet Army specifications, and it was able to produce more than 368,000 of these vehicles, while Ford produced an additional 277,000 for the U.S. Army. Following the war, Willys trademarked the "Jeep" name to make the vehicle into an off-road utility vehicle for the farm, in what was known as the civilian Universal Jeep. Its slogan at the time was "The Sun Never Sets on the Mighty Jeep," and the company worked hard to solidify the Jeep's standing in the world.

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