Koenigsegg CCX 2006 posters

Koenigsegg CCX

The latest model of the Koenigsegg CC family, the CCX has been re-engineered to meet US regulations and customer demands, while maintaining the distinctive, record-breaking shape of its predecessors. The Koenigsegg Team sought to put focus on enhancing the car's unique look without following trends. Keeping with the spirit of continuity, the design of the CCX retains its lineage from its predecessor, while taking its concept and shape to the next level.

Body & Interior

The CCX features a new set of body and interior parts. The development of the new front bumper has been adapted to the 2.5 mph bumper test, while also providing enhanced brake cooling, fog lamps, and US side position lights. To provide a higher degree of comfort, a new bonnet scoop was added to deliver to the driver and passengers more fresh air. Additionally, air vents behind the front wheels were added to improve ventilation within the cabin. Other body modifications such as side skirts were added to allow for better track use. All of these exterior components were designed with the Icem Surf CAD software to guarantee a precise fit and pristine finish.

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