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Lada is a brand of Russian car production company AvtoVAZ, headquartered in Tolyatti. more

AvtoVAZ was created in 1966 when the Soviet government decided to build a large automobile plant, which would produce affordable cars. Initially, it sold cars under Zhiguli brand. Lada brand was used for the cars, sold abroad. In 1970, the first Lada, 2101, was produced. It was an economy car, based on Fiat 124. VAZ 2106, the most popular car of the brand, was introduced in 1976. VAZ 2104/2105/2107 models were sold as Signet in Canada, Riva in the UK and Nova in Germany. In 1977, Niva, one of the most successful cars of the company, was introduced. 50% of the produced vehicles of this model were exported. They became popular because of their affordable price, reliability and simple mechanics. Some Lada models were even built under the license by the manufacturers of other countries.

In 1974, VAZ started to produce Wankel engines under license from NSU. In 1978, a single-rotor Lada appeared. In 1984, Lada Samara, the generation of front wheel drive cars, was presented.

VAZ 2110 was the first car of the brand, released in the post-Soviet period. In 1998, the first Russian minivan, VAZ 2120, appeared. In 2012, Lada Largus, based on Logan platform, was jointly created by Lada and Renault.

In 2008, Renault bought a 25% stake in AvtoVAZ while the other 75% pertained to state-owned Rostekhnologia Corporation. In 2012, the Renault–Nissan Alliance got 67.1% of the Rostekhnologia and thus, Lada became a part of the Renault–Nissan Alliance. Since 2011, the main designer of the brand is Steve Martin, who used to work for Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

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