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Lamborghini 350 GT 1964 posters

Lamborghini 350 GT

The Lamborghini 350 GT is a symbol of technological innovation, vision, and engineering expertise, three of the foundations of the Italian marque's DNA. In 2022, the company is paying homage to its iconic 12-cylinder engine, which has powered some of the brand's most memorable vehicles for almost 60 years. To kick off the salute, it's returning to 1964 when the 350 GT was the first model to ever be produced in the Sant'Agata Bolognese factory. Recently, the classic car made its grand return, meeting the latest in the V12 lineup, the Aventador Ultimae. Behind its creation was the genius of engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, who had initially dreamt of designing an engine for Formula One. Ferruccio Lamborghini tapped the Quercianella-born talent to construct the engine, with agreements of 12 V-cylinders, displacement of 3.5 liters, and a minimum of 350 horsepower. Bizzarrini was offered a bonus for every 10 additional horsepower, so when the engine was put to the test in July 1963, he earned the full bonus as horsepower was found to be 360 at 9000 rpm. Ferruccio was awestruck due to the engine being suitable for Formula One, yet unsuitable for mass production.

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