Lamborghini Diablo SE 1994 posters

Lamborghini Diablo SE

The Lamborghini Diablo, which means "Devil" in English, was a V12-powered, high-performance sports car manufactured by Lamborghini between 1990 and 2001. It replaced the iconic Countach model and was offered at a base price of USD $240,000. Diablo, 1990-1998 The Diablo was powered by a 5.7L, 48-valve V12 engine with dual overhead cams and computer-controlled fuel injection. It could produce 492 horsepower and 579 N·m of torque. It could reach a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h). It was a rear-wheel-drive car with its engine in the mid-mounted position for better weight balance. It came with basic features like a radio, manual windows, adjustable but unpowered seats but no ABS brakes. Optional accessories were available, such as molded seats for the driver, a rear wing spoiler, a luggage set, and a Breguet clock for the dash. Diablo VT (Ver. 1), 1993-1998 and Diablo VT Roadster (Ver. 1), 1995-1998 To attract a new customer base, Lamborghini released a more specialized version of the Diablo in 1993. It featured an all-wheel-drive system, improved power steering, resized and specialized front wheels and tires, Brembo four-piston brake calipers, an updated dashboard design, and an electronically controlled shock absorber system featuring Koni shock absorbers. It also had an "auto" mode where the computer could control the suspension settings, or the driver could manually select four different settings. There was no ABS system provided.

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